The software for
industrial Augmented
and Virtual Reality:

improve productivity and reduce human error.

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Free your hands while you work

Removes distractions, Smart Glasses help you at work and in training, transferring knowledge intuitively.

Connected work

You can remotely communicate with your colleagues and customers, send and receive multimedia material in real time, also with Augmented Reality.

Reduce human error

Act and solve problems promptly, increase your safety and productivity at work, avoiding misunderstandings and reducing the knowledge gap.

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What does it offer you?


ERA connects workers with specialized technicians.

  • Promotes the transfer of knowledge in an easy way, thanks to the screen sharing of between multiple devices.
  • Reduces machine downtimes, allowing the remote technician to promptly help workers in the location that has a malfunction.
  • Reduces travels cost and increases the workers' skills.


ERA suggests steps to be completed, in order of execution.

  • Improves the workers' concentration on the task to be performed, showing  information directly in the reality.
  • Guides the workflows with order and clearness, describing instructions to perform.
  • Enable the offline information access.


ERA simplifies communication and work, connecting information to each other.

  • Allows the access of the information of the individual machines to the workers, by scanning the marker (eg the QR code) corresponding to each location with Smart Glasses.
  • Notify the data processed by machines, informing the presence of specific problems to workers.
  • Allows the monitoring of the machine data (eg temperature, pressure, ...) by the worker, showing the information in real time.
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How does it Works?

The architecture of the ERA software consists of a core, which manages all the data and the interactions of the system. It can be run in the cloud or on a local server.

The core of the software connects with various applications (Smart Glasses, Smartphones, Desktops), offering its services and features:

  • The technician remotely, through the Web App, can create and manage contents and remote assistance calls.
  • The operator, with the mobile App installed in the Smart Glasses (or smartphone), can access to instruction sets, remote assistance calls and multimedia content creation.
  • The Web App and mobile App can make video calls based on the WebRTC protocol. This technology offers high performance and international safety standards.

Which devices does it support?

Smart Glasses are not equals. Depending on your needs, we can guide you in the choosing of the right device for your business.

ERA is currently compatible with:

Google Glass Enterprise
ODG regolazione
R-7 Smartglasses

Our knowledge on Smart Glasses will support you in the evaluation.

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